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Great WordPress Designer Resource

WordPress screencasts on css-tricks.com

WordPress screencasts on css-tricks.com

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for well over a year, and recently, I’ve had the opportunity to start designing WordPress websites. I have to be honest. I sort of went into it like a typical male’s introduction to an electric appliance. Forget the manual, I’ll figure it out. Well, I can tell you, I’ve learned quite a lot since first starting, and I’ve made mistsakes that I’ll never make again (hopefully).
Of all the resources I’ve found to help me, a series of screencasts on the site css-tricks.com run by now Chicagoan Chris Coyier have been most helpful and motivational. The recent series, released over a three-week period, covers the creation of a WordPress-based website, from design in Photoshop through coding the HTML & CSS and incorporating the code onto the WordPress platform. Continue reading



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