Great WordPress Designer Resource

WordPress screencasts on

WordPress screencasts on

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for well over a year, and recently, I’ve had the opportunity to start designing WordPress websites. I have to be honest. I sort of went into it like a typical male’s introduction to an electric appliance. Forget the manual, I’ll figure it out. Well, I can tell you, I’ve learned quite a lot since first starting, and I’ve made mistsakes that I’ll never make again (hopefully).
Of all the resources I’ve found to help me, a series of screencasts on the site run by now Chicagoan Chris Coyier have been most helpful and motivational. The recent series, released over a three-week period, covers the creation of a WordPress-based website, from design in Photoshop through coding the HTML & CSS and incorporating the code onto the WordPress platform. The series runs as follows:

  1. Building a Website (1 of 3): Photoshop Mockup
  2. Building a Website (2 of 3): HTML/CSS Conversion
  3. Building a Website (3 of 3): WordPress Theme

Beyond these fantastic tutorials, the site features other WordPress tutorials, such as:

Besides WordPress, covers a plethora of information about web design in general. There’s articles, a forum, other video screencasts, free downloads and a recently added feature, Snippets, which offers “bits of helpful code” for use on your website.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Chris has joined forces with Jeff Starr to create the site Digging into WordPress, a blog for the upcoming book of the same name.

Thanks Chris for all your hard work dedication and the fantastic online resource.



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3 responses to “Great WordPress Designer Resource

  1. Excellent post! Keep up the great work, Dennis!

  2. Nice! I will definitely have to dig into these – but would also like to give a nod to the tutorial that got me started with themes.
    Dumb title, good step by step tutorial to get you started.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Dennis =)

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