Life Evolving with the Web: Facebook vs. & Reunions

The Web & Internet in general has changed the way we do things; the way we live. We don’t send letters, especially holiday cards, we just send emails. We don’t make quick phone calls, we tweet instead.

Recently, I gave into my lack of longing to start using Facebook. I had been using LinkedIn for professional reasons, and Twitter for both professional and personal reasons. Even then, Facebook seemed like a more professional “MySpace,” which I had absolutely no interest.

So about a month ago, I created my Facebook profile, and started looking for “friends.” Over a period of several weeks, I found several current and recent acquaintances, as well as a few long lost buddies (we’re talking grammar & high school chums).

When I think about my former classmates, I of course also think of, the website that allows you to reconnect and stay in touch with former classmates. My wife used to have a profile on Classmates, but that interest never transferred to me. I didn’t believe in paying someone for the ability to connect naturally, or at least that was the way I saw it.

I attended only one class reunion, my 10-year, back in 1989. My future wife escorted me to the event. It was more awkward than anything else. And I’ve had no interest in doing it again. Not because I have no interest in meeting people I interacted with on a daily basis, but because it’s not the right setting for me.

So now, on Facebook, I’ve connected to several key people from my past, my classmates. It’s great to see pictures, see how they’ve changed, and to see what’s happening with their lives. I can also use it to keep up with newer acquaintances, both professional & personal. I can also use it for business marketing purposes.

So what is the future for As more & more people flock to Facebook, I see drifting out to sea over the next couple of years.

And what’s to become of class reunions? Well, for an older generation, it’ll probably be the primary form of catching up. But for the baby boomers and beyond, Facebook might just be the initial virtual hookup prior to face to face meetings. And in doing so, replace



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2 responses to “Life Evolving with the Web: Facebook vs. & Reunions

  1. David Price

    I agree with your assessment of, and Face book, also, I’ve never attended a class reunion; it’s not a setting I would feel very comfortable in.

  2. Jason

    The fact that Classmates makes me pay to connect while there are others that don’t is what I don’t get. I have paid for the GOLD membership, but it is pretty one-sided since no one else I knew was with Gold. It just was not worth it. And I found myself drifting back to Facebook just so I could connect and mail and post pictures with my classmates. I appreciate Clasmates trying to make a dollar, but the model seems outdated. Free it up, charge more for ads, and then see if people flock to it or not. For now, I’m sticking with Facebook for friends and LinkedIn for business.


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