Cross Selling When Experiencing Service Issues

Seems like I’ve experienced several customer service blips recently. Here’s my latest.

While I was working away on my computer one day, my Internet connectivity disappeared. Now this is a normal occurrence, as I often have to kick start my wireless router. However, this was not the case today, as I saw the lights on my cable modem blinking in odd patterns. I first tried resetting the modem by unplugging for 30 seconds, then replugging the modem to the electrical power. This did no good. So I contacted my provider’s support line to see if there was an outage in my area.

After several minutes navigating through the phone menu system and speaking to a representative, we determined that there was an outage and that it should be resolved within 2 hours. The representative then asked me “if I’d be interested in a deal for cable-based phone service for $24.95?” So the marketing department thought process must be “since I’ve got you on the phone, how would you like more of our services.” But in reality, isn’t it absurd to cross sell a new service to a customer when experiencing problems with an existing service?

Go figure.


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