August Chicago Dreamweaver Meet-up Wrap-up

On Tuesday, August 12, the Chicago Dreamweaver Meet-up hosted a presentation on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Linda Ryder, from Ryder Web Design & Development, presented a primer on CSS that also touched upon some of the more advanced topics, such as using a reset style sheet and which DTD to use (I learned about the impact Strict vs. Transitional has on the target attribute of the anchor tag (<a>)). The presentation can be viewed below.

Following the presentation, we has a roundtable discussion on CSS, its extent of use by the members, table vs. tableless layouts, etc. This roundtable discussion as a recent addition to the meet-up and was well received.

Kudos to Stephen Starr, organizer of the Chicago Dreamweaver Meet-up and owner of Stephen B. Starr Design Inc. In the few months I’ve been attending this meet-up, it has really taken off and become engaging and exciting. And as always, I lok forward to the follow-up month’s meet-up.

If you’re located in the Chicagoland area and are interested in Dreamweaver and/or web design, consider joining and stopping by.

View Chicago Dreamweaver Meet-up website…


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