Now usually, I’m not one to fall for spam email. You know, the ones that look like they’re from legit sources, likely ones that you naturally deal with, only to point to some spammer’s site. But today, they got me.

I received an email (like the 300 others) that grabbed my attention. I acted upon this email and, before it was too late, discovered that it was a fraud. Don’t fall for the following email…

Frauduent email received

Frauduent email received

I think I acted on this email because it was breaking news, a different format from what I usually receive. Plus, with the recent wave of celebrity deaths, I was curious.

Clicking on the link took me to a screen that requested that I install a Flash player. I already have a Flash player, so I was now suspicous. I hovered over the element and saw it originated from a .ru (Russian) domain. Sorry folks, but at least 40% of my spam comes from Russian.



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