The New Google Buster

I recently read about an ex-employee of Google who, along with some other ex-employees, created a new search engine called Cuil, pronounced “cool.” It supposedly boasts an index as large if not larger than Google’s. And it was supposed to be better.

Curious as I am, I decided to crank up Cuil and give it a spin.

I first noticed the bkack background of the interface, which is quite different than any other search engine I’ve run across. I then typed in Alaska’s Inside Passage and clicked the search button.

Um … no results.

Google provides me with 84,200 results, many of them valuable and within the first couple pages. Supposedly Google has in excess of 8 billion documents indexed. Cuil reports having indexed just over 1 billion.

Maybe they haven’t indexed the good stuff yet. I also noticed that their About link is broken. Not a good first impression.

Stay tuned.

Here’s some additional information on Cuil:



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4 responses to “The New Google Buster

  1. A tough first day for Cuil, that is for certain. The navigation bar hasn’t worked well for me and some of the results for important key words are coming up empty. One search come up great with relevant results — I like the SERPs layout and the included pictures too.

  2. Dennis Deacon

    I too like the SERP layout and design. A departure from the standard that Google has impregnated in our minds. Just wondering if Cuil will be able to break the current mold and change the way we search. Some day, perhaps.

  3. Dennis, that’ll be a tall order for Cuil to replace Google, but when you dream why not dream big? So far, what we have is a nightmare!

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