4 responses to “Tracking Metrics Between HTML Email & Web Pages

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  2. Ron

    OMG. i just had the most frustrating support chat with CC regarding this tracking tag. the docs suck. and all the chat guy would do is tell me that they don’t provide XHTML support. it’s not XHTML support you dork! it’s support for your proprietary tracking system.

    thanks so much for clarifying in seconds what their stupid tag does, in a fashion that they couldn’t seem to muster.

  3. I wonder if you know why Constant Contact’s analytics is telling me that there have been click throughs to my site, but Google Analytics shows none. Any ideas?

    • My first guess would be that the Google tracking code was not installed properly. Try verifying this via the the Google Analytics URL Tool. Create a simple email, send it to yourself, click-through and then check for the click-throughs in Google Analytics (please wait for several hours for GA to report the clicks).

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