Borders Reward’s Text Message Feature

…so I go to Borders book store to pick up a book for my wife. As a member of their Reward’s program, I receive coupons via email when there are special savings (i.e. 25% one item, etc.). They have a new feature that allows members to receive these coupons via text message. The customer simply shows the text message with a specific code to the cashier to receive the discount. Don’t have to print and remember to bring a coupon and save a tree at the same time.

So I’m purchasing the book and show the cashier the text message. She, in turn, goes to another cash register where she has a printed version of the coupon to scan in.

Can someone explain to me the point?



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8 responses to “Borders Reward’s Text Message Feature

  1. Gil

    I’m just venturing a guess here but I think the advantages for you as a shopper is that the likelihood of you carrying your cell phone with the SMS message is greater than printing out and remembering to bring the coupon with you.

    The benefit for Borders is that people are not exhausted by SMS marketing messages (although that will probably change). Besides, SMS coupon codes are green-friendly.

    Having said that– when I’ve tried to use the SMS promotional code most employees look at me like I’m from outer space.

  2. swb

    having one coupon in the store that is re-used for the customer is better than countless number of people printing it out.

  3. Scott

    1. The clerk needed the barcode from the printed version for the cash register to identify the discount. And that one coupon is used for the duration of the discount by all the cashiers.

    2. Have they discontinued the text message coupons? I haven’t received one in a few weeks.

  4. Dennis Deacon

    Now that you mention it, I haven’t received one either, but I have received the emails with the discount. Stay tuned…

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  6. Angelika

    I think they have discontinued the coupons too as whenever I used my cell phone they would scan the paper coupon (no one working at borders knew the text msg coupon code). Also, one time the manager ended up giving me 40% vs the 25% off for the week – even though the coupon clearly said 25%. I’m not one to question an even bigger discount. My Borders said that there was a high incident of people using coupons for purchases….like more purchases were made by coupon than the average of other stores. I’m thinking it was discontinued due to abuse. You’re only supposed to use one coupon per issuement.

  7. Jeb

    It’s not just that. For a while they didn’t know how to use it. Of course, now they seem to be having a problem with the texting system because I haven’t received a text coupon in a few weeks and with my printer on the fritz I have to write down the coupon number and take it with me to the store.

  8. Matt

    They have to have a UPC code to enter in for it to work properly. They would not be able to scan anything from your phone’s screen. It has to be a unique code for your account only. Blame it on modern inventory technology!

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